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History of VSLab

Vivi Spiritus Lab – a thought that has matured for a long time and puts in a great desire to make natural cosmetics for yourself, family, friends and acquaintances. I wanted to make it by thinking about a specific person, his hair, his facial skin… That’s how the first creams were born. Noticing that there was a shortage of shampoo for specific types of birds on store shelves, that it was still bottled in plastic bottles, there was a desire to create and change. That desire overwhelmed and did not leave.

Vivi Spiritus Lab is challenging to give up packaging, give up overuse and use. I believe that buyers of my products will understand and support this idea.

I want to create and share the fruits of my creation with others.

A sincere thank you to everyone who already believes! Who already use my products and care for and nurture their body and the nature around us.


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