A luxurious hand and body cream


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Hold the cream in the palms of your hands for about 10 seconds. Gently rub your hands, then massage in the cream. If using on the body, hold the cream rock between your hands, then gently rub the surface of the body you want to pamper with the rock. Gently flatten the cream on your body with your hand movements.

How I change the environment

This cream has no packaging. It is stored in a stylish natural palm leaf plate (available separately) and placed in a cloth bag (available separately) when traveling. You don’t just use plastic, but other packaging as well. There is no excess use of the product. It pleases your skin and the environment.

Which will give you joy

Hands hold a solid body and hand cream with rose oil. This cream is completely natural, nourishing your skin and safe to use. It contains rose macerato, the smell of which blends with the smell of nimba and forms a wonderful harmony. The cream will nourish the skin of your hands and body, help heal scabs, reduce inflammatory processes and soften the skin.

There is no overuse. You only use as much as you need – you save and the skin thanks you.