Vivi Spiritus Lab was born inspired by nature and listening to the needs of body and soul.

Our body and soul can and must live in friendship with nature: to take and use the wealth it provides and to return as little rubbish as possible to nature.

Vivi Spiritus Lab also encourages the pollution of its body and the use of products that are made from primary natural ingredients (such as cocoa butter) or that are derived from a natural product (such as an emulsifier derived from olives).

A sensitive and respectful approach to nature and our bodies has led us to promote a reduction in consumption, especially over-consumption and over-utilization.VSLabmotivatesto give up excess packaging – even those that are environmentally friendly, because their recycling also causes some damage.

Vivi Spiritus Labcalls for:

Abandon plastic packaging (except for some lipsticks and deodorant. It is already planned to change the packaging for these products as well)

Reduce aluminum packaging

Discard secondary packaging

Use solid products to avoid excessive consumption

Use hard shampoos to reduce the disposal and use of plastic and other packaging

That is why, please indicate if the product is for a gift or for you? If it is intended as a gift – you will receive it packed in a beautiful box together with the whole order or separately. If it is for you – you will get it packed in a common box with all the ordered products.

Fillers are reused. Sustainability is not just about giving up plastic, sustainability is about being reused, even plastic.

Ask if you can return the glass containers that will be recycled and reused. So far, this opportunity is not everywhere.

Vivi Spiritus Lab does not use plastic tools or disposable pipettes.

Samples are not packaged in disposable containers.

We can all contribute to more sustainable consumption, less waste, less pollution and nature conservation. Together we can change a lot!