Vivi Spiritus Lab – a thought that has matured for a long time and puts in a great desire to make natural cosmetics for yourself, family, friends and acquaintances. I wanted to make it by thinking about a specific person, his hair, his facial skin… That’s how the first creams were born. Noticing that there was a shortage of shampoo for specific types of birds on store shelves, that it was still bottled in plastic bottles, there was a desire to create and change. That desire overwhelmed and did not leave.

Vivi Spiritus Lab is challenging to give up packaging, give up overuse and use. I believe that buyers of my products will understand and support this idea.

I want to create and share the fruits of my creation with others.

A sincere thank you to everyone who already believes! Who already use my products and care for and nurture their body and the nature around us.

Vivi Spiritus Lab does not aim to become the largest or most productive company. Vivi SpiritusLab aims to remain a company producing natural and high-quality cosmetics

The mission of Vivi Spiritus Lab is to expand the understanding of natural products and their use and to present you with excellent quality products.

The materials used in Vivi Spiritus Lab products are carefully selected and purchased with the support of suppliers in the country of residence – the United Kingdom and when ordering from suppliers in the home country – Lithuania.

My creative history in Virginia begins where I was born and continues far to where I live.

Vivi Spiritus Lab represents small business, is open to ideas and a sustainable company that produces for you.

VSLab. Wrecked like myself. For you!

Always with a lot of love and sincerity, Virginia