Night Sky Night Cream


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Apply the night cream only on clean skin about half an hour before bedtime.

It will work best if you apply it on barely damp skin.

Hang a pea-sized amount of cream with a spatula or finger and gently pull it over your cheek, neck and décolleté. Relax and feel the soothing combination of lavender and boswellia scents.

How I change the environment

The cream is packaged in glass containers – it is the easiest to recycle and can be used more than once. This reduces emissions.

By stating that you are buying for yourself, you are giving up excess packaging to reduce use and emissions.

If you give the cream to someone else – mark it and get the cream packed in a beautiful box, all that remains is to give it as a gift.

Which will give you joy

Made from natural ingredients. Created for sensitive skin, promotes rejuvenation, moisturizes and softens and softens the skin. With rosehip oil and vegetable silk, which helps to retain moisture and softens the skin without any irritation and other active components.

The combination of Boswellian and fragrant kananga essential oil will take you to dreams and help you relax