Verdure deodorant


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Apply deodorant daily to clean underarm skin. The best – after a shower.

Remove the cap, add the deodorant to the skin and hold for at least 3 seconds. Then gently rub two to three times through the skin. Use at least once a day or as many times as you feel needed.

How I change the environment

You change the environment by using natural and sustainable products. This deodorant is one of the few VSLab products that still uses plastic packaging, but it is made from recycled and more environmentally friendly plastic that is more easily degradable.

You help to change the environment by noting that this product is for you and by giving up excess packaging.

Which will give you joy

This deodorant is made from natural ingredients. It does not contain irritants such as soda. The deodorant does not clog pores and does not stop sweating, it just does not allow bad odors to penetrate. Therefore it does not harm your body. It can be used even by teenagers. Deodorant is suitable for both boys and girls.

Mango butter and green tea wax soften and moisturize the armpit skin, give it moisture and reduce inflammation. The gentle combination of essential oil complements the action of other ingredients and prevents the penetration of bad odor, reduces the inflammatory effect.

It is very scary – you save! Convenient and compact packaging.